Centering Community Through Holistic Education

We are always looking to collaborate with Indigenous communities worldwide. Please reach out to our contact page to see options available.  If you are an existing client and would like to be featured as a community partner, please reach out through our contact page. 

We firmly believe in advocacy through education and creating community building opportunities with our clients and facilitators. We stand with the the families affected by colonial violence and aim to always work with Indigenous facilitators to ensure Indigenous issues are brought to light in a culturally respectful and authentic manner. Through our community protocols we acknowledge and promote members of surrounding communities to facilitate and honour the local protocols of each territory. 

Our internal mentorship program is a powerful tool for helping youth and adults succeed in all areas of their lives. It has provided supportive and positive relationships within our facilitating community while increasing transferable skills that contribute to further career opportunities for the Indigenous community. Please reach out if you would like to join our network. 

Giving Back

ODEMIKAAN, meaning “path of the heart”, is an Ad Hoc committee that was founded by members of our network. This group is dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth living off reserve. Last March Break we were approved for a grant by the City of Toronto to create a Big Drum making workshop for young men and boys in Etobicoke. This was lead by two male mentors who taught the participants about the history, traditions and protocols of the drumming community, it was an amazing experience that we hope to continue to bring to the community through this network. Waaban Nang Collective donates a small portion of revenues and members donate their time to help support this programming.  We welcome the Storm Spirit Singers! If you would like to donate to this programming, you can EMT [email protected]. Receipts available upon request.

“We want our boys not to just survive, we want them to lead.  This drum group creates a leadership path.  It is not about one leader; it is about making everyone leaders.  Leaders in our community, in our families and across Turtle Island.  We want to lead by heart.  We want them to know they have a seat in the community and they are valued.  Our collective members all have children -what we want for our own children, we want for all youth.  We want them to be the fire starters- the ones that create change and encourage others to walk in the direction of the red road too. We want them to understand the true meaning of Ogichidaa (warrior)which means the ones with the big hearts. That is what this drumming does”

–Odemikaan member